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Happy Birthday My Love

So…today is Yancy’s birthday…Perhaps it did not turn out the way we planned it, but it’ll sureView full post »

Waterside Inn Wedding • Sheida & Jason • Port Credit Wedding Photography

Adam met Sheida & Jason last year at Jacquelyn & Vittorio’s beautiful wedding. It’s always nice toView full post »

Taboo Resort Wedding • Lauren & Dan • Muskoka Wedding Photography

Lauren & Dan are sweethearts…total cuties! I got to know them a bit during their engagement session last fallView full post »

Spirale Wedding • Kasia & Lukasz • Toronto Wedding Photography

I’m so excited to post this wedding. Adam and Jessilynn did an incredible job capturing all of Kasia & LukaszView full post »

Donalda Club Wedding • Carolina & Stephan • Toronto Wedding Photography

I love love love shooting at new locations, especially when I did not even know this little gem existed in the city.View full post »

Casa Loma & King Edward Hotel Wedding • Mimi & Vincent • Toronto Wedding Photography

If you are looking for the best and prettiest of Toronto’s luxurious early 20th century landmarks, you of courseView full post »

Ryerson Engagement Photos • Katie & Mo • Toronto Engagement Photography

Her gorgeous bold red locks caught his attention as they passed each other on the escalator at Ryerson University. There was something about her, he could not get out of his mind. A little while later their paths crossed, and since then they’ve been travelling the globe together, madly in love.
Katie & Mo are beyond adorable together, she stretches her neck to kiss him and look up at him with such grace, and he’s completely smitten with the redhead who still completely captures his attention.
I had the pleasure of spending an evening with them around our old stomping grounds of Ryerson University, they wanted to go back to where it all began.

RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_001 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_002 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_003 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_004 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_005 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_006 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_007 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_008 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_009 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_010 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_011 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_012 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_013 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_014 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_015 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_016 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_017 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_018 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_019 RyersonEngagementPhotos_KM_AvenuePhoto_020

All images © AVENUE PHOTO  Please DO NOT alter or edit the images.

Happy Birthday My Love

So…today is Yancy’s birthday…Perhaps it did not turn out the way we planned it, but it’ll sure be one that sticks out in our memories, and this silly story will someday become a chunk of a chapter in the story of us.
Happy Birthday my love, although we did not make it to Paris to celebrate your day, I will try my darn-est to make sure this is the best year yet!


Waterside Inn Wedding • Sheida & Jason • Port Credit Wedding Photography

Adam met Sheida & Jason last year at Jacquelyn & Vittorio’s beautiful wedding. It’s always nice to see us in action, they liked the way Adam worked and loved his work…perfect match!

Sheida & Jason met in University, he noticed her right away as she walked into one of the classrooms for a class they shared. The rest as they say is history.

We love it how every wedding we photograph, any nerves melt away after the first look, and it’s the perfect opportunity for the bride and groom to take in the day…just the two of them. Adam and John found just the perfect pier for the backdrop.

Sheida & Jason’s day was filled with family and friends from near and as far as New Zealand who came to join the celebration of their marriage. Sheida & her Dad even managed to surprise everyone with a choreographed dance number during the evening.

To years of adventures and laughter! Congrats!

WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_001 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_002 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_003 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_004 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_005 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_006 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_007 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_008 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_009 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_010 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_011 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_012 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_013 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_014 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_015 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_016 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_017 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_018 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_019 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_020 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_021 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_022 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_023 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_024 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_025 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_026 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_027 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_028 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_029 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_030 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_031 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_032 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_033 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_034 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_035 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_036 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_037 WatersideInnWeddingPhotos_SJ_AvenuePhoto_038

All images © AVENUE PHOTO  Please DO NOT alter or edit the images.

Photography – Avenue Photo http://avenue-photo.com/

Venue – Waterside Inn http://www.watersideinn.ca/
Stationery – http://www.weddingpaperdivas.com/
Dress: Eva’s Bridal Couture – http://mississaugaweddingdress.com/
Bridesmaids dresses – David’s Bridal http://www.davidsbridal.ca/HomeView
Men’s suits – Moore’s https://www.mooresclothing.com/mor/index.jsp
DJ – www.impactdj.ca
Cake – Best for Brides Cake – Natalya Cole no website
Hair and make up – Aria Salon – http://www.ariabeautyandsupply.com/
Florist – Angel’s Florist – no website
Decorator – J Company Design http://www.jcompanydesigns.com/
Favours – Cupcake Cupcake Cupcake http://www.marketcupcakes.com/
Rings – Peoples Jewellers http://www.peoplesjewellers.com/

October 9, 2014 - 11:07 am

Marlene Barcelos - Stunning pictures taken of an amazing couple (and at a great venue of course)! Thanks for sharing!

Taboo Resort Wedding • Lauren & Dan • Muskoka Wedding Photography

Lauren & Dan are sweethearts…total cuties! I got to know them a bit during their engagement session last fall around their neighbourhood of Liberty Village, one of my fave spots in Toronto. I had such a great time with the two of them and their fur baby Rudy, I was super excited to head north for their wedding day.

For their wedding they chose the Taboo Resort in Muskoka which was a beautiful backdrop, but that was just the beginning…their day was overflowing with great music, awesome people, cheek-hurting laughter, sweet details, an adorable pooch who made a cameo appearance for a few photos, a picture perfect sunset, lovely speeches and to top it off a flash mob organized by no one other than the Groom’s mum.

Congratulations you two! Luc and I had a fabulous time with you.

TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_001 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_002 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_003 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_004 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_005 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_006 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_007 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_008 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_009 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_010 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_011 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_012 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_013 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_014 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_015 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_016 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_017 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_018 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_019 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_020 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_021 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_022 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_023 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_024 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_025 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_026 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_027 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_028 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_029 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_030 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_031 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_032 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_033 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_034 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_035 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_036 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_037 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_038 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_039 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_040 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_041 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_042 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_043 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_044 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_045 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_046 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_047 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_048 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_049 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_050 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_051 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_052 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_053 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_054 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_055 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_056 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_057 TabooResortWeddingPhotos_LD_AvenuePhoto_058 All images © AVENUE PHOTO  Please DO NOT alter or edit the images.


The dream team:

Photographer: http://avenue-photo.com/
Venue: Taboo Resort http://www.taboomuskoka.com/
Bridesmaid’s dresses: Champagne & Cupcakes www.champagneandcupcakes.ca/
Videographer: Mat King https://vimeo.com/user3261330
Band: Dave Murphy Band www.davemurphyband.com/
Make-up: Kiss’n’Makeup (Steph Brown): www.kiss-n-makeup.ca
Hair: Krystie Ann Beauty Group: www.krystieann.com/page/ka-beauty-group
Florist: Seasons in the Country www.seasonsinthecountry.com/
Rings: Direct Diamonds www.directdiamonds.ca/

Spirale Wedding • Kasia & Lukasz • Toronto Wedding Photography

I’m so excited to post this wedding. Adam and Jessilynn did an incredible job capturing all of Kasia & Lukasz’s moments.

When I initially spoke to Kasia and Lukasz a whole bunch of small world moments began to emerge, I’m Polish, they’re Polish. Kasia and I attended the same high school. They were getting married at the same church my mom goes to and sings at, Lukasz probably crossed path with my brother at some point. I’m telling you…completely small world.

I love how the day started for Kasia; with two great old dear friends, Carla her Maid of Honour and Joe, who did Kasia’s hair, they have all been friends since grade school.

I know Adam loved shooting all of the beautiful and fun Polish traditions Kasia & Lukasz incorporated into their day. The family blessings before they headed off to their ceremony were sweet and intimate.

After the ceremony, it was time to party…and what’s a Polish wedding without some vodka…when the Bride and Groom entered the reception, they were greeted with bread, salt, and one shot glass of vodka and one of water, whoever chooses the vodka shot will wear the pants in the relationship. ;o)

Congratulations Kasia & Lukasz…Sto Lat!

SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_001 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_002 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_003 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_004 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_005 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_006 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_007 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_008 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_009 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_010 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_011 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_012 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_013 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_014 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_015 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_016 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_017 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_018 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_019 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_020 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_021 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_022 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_023 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_024 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_025 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_026 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_027 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_028 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_029 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_030 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_031 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_032 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_033 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_034 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_035 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_036 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_037 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_038 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_039 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_040 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_041 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_042 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_043 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_044 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_045 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_046 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_047 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_048 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_049 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_050 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_051 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_052 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_053 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_054 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_055 SpiraleWeddingPhotos_KL_AvenuePhoto_056

All images © AVENUE PHOTO  Please DO NOT alter or edit the images.

The Dream Team:

photography – avenue-photo.com
venue – http://spirale.net/ OR http://www.parkviewmanor.ca/
stationery – weddingpaperdivas.com
dress – http://www.beckersbridals.com/
accessories – http://www.superiorbridal.com/
bridesmaid dresses – http://www.champagneandcupcakes.ca/
men’s suits – http://www.andrewsformals.com/
band – Zespol Reflex
cake – http://www.dufflet.com/
hair – http://www.salonvadaro.com/
make up – http://www.michellepatricio.com/#/home?i=276
florist – Elsa Lapidario
favours – Winer’s
rings – Raphael’s
transportation – Limousine Rentals Toronto

October 2, 2014 - 7:06 am

Iwona - Beautiful!!! My granddaughter!!!

W E D D I N G   R E V I E W S