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Hart House Winter Wedding • Meaghan & Adam • Toronto Wedding Photography

Oh what a couple and what an amazing day to start 2014 with. I have been looking forward to these two tying the knotView full post »

Looking for Couples – Free Engagement Shoot Workshop Toronto

I am running an engagement photography workshop through the course I teach at Ryerson…and I need volunteer couples.View full post »

St. Lawrence Hall Wedding • Kate & Alex • Toronto Wedding Photography

This was my last wedding of 2013. What a fantastic couple to finish an amazing season with, John and I had a blast! AlexView full post »

The Esplanade Engagement Photos • Claire & Matt [ + Eloise ] • Toronto Engagement Photography

This is the last engagement session I photographed in 2013.  It was a perfect fall day for so many reasons. Claire &View full post »

Intercontinental Yorkville Wedding • Jennifer & Gerardo • Toronto Wedding Photography

Jennifer & Gerardo’s story is one movies are made of. Girl meets boy on holiday, falls in love…manyView full post »

Liberty Village Engagement Photos • Lauren & Dan [ + Rudy ] • Toronto Engagement Photography

I have been itching to get this engagement session processed and posted. Lauren & Dan are adorable high schoolView full post »

Headshot Portrait Day – Sunday April 27

Spring has arrived {sort of} ;o) It’s time to get dolled up and have some fresh headshots done. Now I know selfies are quite the rage these days, but a professional headshot is that much better for a great first impression. Whether you are using it on Facebook or LinkedIn, a website, business card, brochure, or blog…it’s a really fun + budget friendly session.

The sessions will take place in the Junction, spots are limited; so if you are interested please contact me!


The Wedding Room • Toronto Wedding Photography

I’ve recently participated in a gorgeous wedding show organized by The Wedding Co. The Wedding Room, took place in one of my favourite O&B venues; the Arcadian.

It’s always so much fun to meet all the couples, and always such a pleasure to network with all of the wonderful vendors, plus every space is filled to the brims with gorgeousness.

Here are a few photos from the show [I do wish I had more time to photograph every single vendor].

Avenue Photo 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_001 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_002 Bits & Blooms 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_003 Tara Fava 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_004 Alexis Gallery 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_005 Catherine Langlois 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_006 Anne Sportun 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_007 Ashley Readings 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_008 Sweet Sammies 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_009 Patricia’s Cake Creations 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_010 Smudge 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_011 Sara Baig Designs 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_012 Pomp & Ceremony 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_013 Bobbette & Belle 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_014 Bliss Events 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_015 The Loved One 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_016 Windsor Arms 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_017 The Sweetere 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_018 Sweet Woodruff 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_019 Elsa Corsi 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_020 Sweetpea’s 20140222_AvenuePhoto_TheWeddingRoom_021


Tonight, 11 years ago, we had our first date!!!

Who knew it would forever change my life. Accidentally, through the magic of the internet – before online dating was cool, two strangers decided to meet for a drink.

I don’t know what my life would be like if I have not met you, I don’t event want to imagine it. I’m just so happy that that cold February night it was you…my love, my perfect match.

I love you to the moon and back, and I cannot wait to see what adventures life has in store for us.

I love you. Always.


Hart House Winter Wedding • Meaghan & Adam • Toronto Wedding Photography

Oh what a couple and what an amazing day to start 2014 with.

I have been looking forward to these two tying the knot since I met them. They were so excited about their winter wedding it was absolutely contagious.

Meaghan loved travel and exploring the world, she claims Adam stole her heart and is the reason she returned to Toronto from her travels, but I just think she found her perfect travel partner to conquer the world with.

I think Meaghan and Adam are such a perfect match, they compliment each other, support each other and love each other, they wanted the perfect winter day to celebrate with their closest family and friends. With a dusting of snow the night before, it laid the perfect fresh white carpet to set the mood. Adam [the photographer] and I had a great time spending the day with them. With three Adams to choose from – Adam the groom, Adam the best man, and Adam the photographer, what more could you ask for. From a very intimate ceremony to super fun outdoor photos, followed by some heartwarming speeches, smiles, kisses and hugs. The evening finished off with tearing up the dance floor. A perfect wedding day.

My favourite quote of the evening was from Meaghan & Adam’s speech, Meaghan after thanking her parents for their love and support, she said that she and Adam want to be just like them when they grow up. Perfect.

Congratulations you two! I cannot wait to hear all about your travels.

HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_001 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_002 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_003 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_004 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_005 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_006 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_007 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_008 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_009 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_010 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_011 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_012 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_013 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_014 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_015 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_016 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_017 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_018 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_019 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_020 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_021 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_022 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_023 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_024 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_025 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_026 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_027 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_028 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_029 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_030 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_031 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_032 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_033 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_034 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_035 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_036 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_037 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_038 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_039 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_040 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_041 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_042 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_043 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_044 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_045 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_046 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_047 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_048 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_049 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_050 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_051 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_052 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_053 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_054 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_055 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_056 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_057 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_058 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_059 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_060 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_061 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_062 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_063 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_064 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_065 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_066 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_067 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_068 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_069 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_070 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_071 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_072 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_073 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_074 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_075 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_076 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_077 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_078 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_079 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_080 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_081 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_083 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_082 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_084 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_085 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_086 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_087 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_088 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_089 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_090 HartHouseWinterWeddingPhotos_MA_AvenuePhoto_091

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March 5, 2014 - 5:32 pm

Janis - Love!!!

This is an amazing wedding collection. You guys did such a great job capturing Meaghan and Adam’s big day, and all of the love and support surrounding them.

February 1, 2014 - 4:41 pm

Jan - Great photos; capturing such great memories. I love Meaghan’s ‘evening gloves’ & hunters – they brought such fun to her wedding attire. A number of great shots of Meaghan & Adam; clearly obvious that they enjoyed their day. And a good ‘GQ’ cover shot of the groom :)

January 31, 2014 - 6:36 pm

Robyn - WOW!!! and WOW!!! Beautifully captured a beautiful couple! Great job Margaret and Adam:)

W E D D I N G   R E V I E W S