Brickworks Engagement Photos • Carmen & Milton • Toronto Engagement Photography

I get super excited when Adam calls or texts me after a shoot and is super pumped about the way things went…which now that I think of it, is most sessions. This was one of those times…Carmen and Milton have a very cool yin and yang thing going on. Milton has a certain swagger and edginess about him, and Carmen has a softness and delicateness about her…all in all a perfect combo. Here are just a few images form their pre wedding portrait session at the Brickworks.BrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_001P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_002P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_003P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_004P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_005P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_006P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_007P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_008P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_009P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_010P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_011P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_012P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_013P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_014P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_015P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_016P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_017P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_018P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_019P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_020P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_021P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_022P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_023P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_024P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_025P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_026P I N this to pinterestBrickworksEngagementPhotos_LA_AvenuePhoto_027P I N this to pinterest