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Amsterdam Brewery Wedding Photos

Amsterdam Brewery Wedding Photos • Toronto

Nandini & Brian An Amsterdam Brewery wedding fit perfectly into what Nandini & Brian envisioned for theirView full post »

Deer Creek Golf Course Wedding Photos

Deer Creek Golf Club Wedding Photos • Ajax Wedding Photographer

Michelle & Darren I am so excited to share this Deer Creek Golf Club wedding with you. Michelle is a TorontoView full post »

Daisho Momofuku Wedding Photos

Daisho Momofuku Wedding Photos • Toronto

Lynn & Mark I love how modern and fun the wedding is. I love that the mum of the bride is a talented, past photoView full post »

99 Sudbury Wedding Photos • Toronto - Liberty Village

99 Sudbury Wedding Photos • Toronto

Megan & Mark This wedding…this couple…ah-mazing! First off let me say, as a photographer the pressureView full post »

Toronto Old Mill Wedding Photos

Old Mill Wedding Photos • Toronto

Amanda & Alec It has been a busy summer thus far, and I’m working on finishing some beautiful weddings, andView full post »

Columbus Centre Wedding • Toronto

Jen & Richard Take a look at this lovely wedding. John and I loved spending the day with Jen & Richard. What anView full post »

National Ballet School Wedding Photos – Toronto

Amy & Josh This incredible Canada’s National Ballet School wedding, is one for the inspiration books. AmyView full post »

RoyalHamilton Yacht Club Wedding Photos

Waterfront Centre Wedding Photos | Hamilton Wedding Photography

Tara & Jim This was what felt like the first perfect day of spring. Before all of the leaves started to bud onView full post »

The Wedding Co. Feature

Dina & Raphael’s AGO Wedding So excited to have this super romantic wedding which took place at the ArtView full post »