Kate + JP met in grade 7. When JP first told the story, he said he asked Kate out but she turned him down. Later he confessed, that after they started dating [as adults], the story refreshed itself…he said he had every intention of asking Kate out in grade 7, walked up to her as she was standing by her locker, chickened out, and wished her a good weekend.

After years of friendship, they went out to dinner…just the two of them…Kate said, JP made the reservations orderred some oysters and champagne…and she was his.

I love their story and I loved that even though the weather was not on our side that day, Kate and JP did not stop smiling the entire day, this warms every corner of my heart, when all that matters is love and being surrounded and celebrating with the people you love.

Congrats you two! Adam and I were so happy to be invited to share in your day.