Toronto Engagement Photos • Amy & Josh

Colour filled, fall engagement sessions warm my heart.
I met Amy & Josh on a very rainy day, but I’m so glad to say when they met with Adam for their pre wedding photos, the weather was quite perfect!
This season has been full of ‘small world’ moments for us. At Stacie & Stephan’s wedding, one of the bride’s maids went to school with Amy & Josh, and Adam will get to see her at their wedding in 2015. It’s amazing how people’s paths cross, and how many amazing people we get to meet as photographers.

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  • Wow! The photos of Amy and Josh you’ve taken are GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you and Amy for sharing, the make-up and hair we collaborated on for her looks great and she really glows! These are really spectacular pics! I look forward to seeing their weddings photos and meeting you when we are working on their wedding grooming next May.

    Till then, happy holidays and best wishes for a busy and successful wedding season in 2015!


    Maya Goldenberg Eco-Beauty Professional
    Eco-Beauty, Real Luxury

    • avenue

      Amy looked gorgeous. Adam had an amazing time photographing these two love birds.
      Looking forward to working with you next year!ReplyCancel