I was so excited to shoot this wedding…I was going to see one of my former couples, Lauren [the Groom’s sister] + Ajay, plus I absolutely love Andrea + Brian [they brought delish muffins to our engagement session!!!]. They are the kind of couple that I think most people look at and say…boy; I wish I had a relationship and connection like that. They are high school sweethearts who are head over heels ga-ga over one another and it shows…it shows in the way they treat and interact with each other and it photographs so beautifully. Robyn [my good friend + absolutely awesome photographer] and I were two lucky gals to have a chance to spend the day with them.

Robyn and I were saying that Andrea + Brian could be perfect cake toppers, he’s a true gentleman and completely smitten with his Bride. And Andrea is just the most delicate person, she literally floated all day with a lovely smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye in that gorgeous full gown of hers all day. What I think is super awesome about this couple, is that they looked beautiful all dressed up in their wedding best, but in the day to day they love the outdoors [bugs excluded for Andrea] and love travelling and exploring the world and being active…so cheers to you, Andrea + Brian, congratulations on your marriage, and thank you for choosing us as your photographers. I hope you have a long and happy life filled with oodles of adventures!


The photos look fantastic! Where were the outdoor photos taken? It’s a great location and would love to suggest it to my sister for her wedding. Thanks!

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks so much for your kind words. The location for the out door photos was Trinity College at U of T.

-+Beatrice C.Lee

Great photos—-you have some unique shots that none others had done,such the bride walked over the water puddle and the little animal —-
Why not mother of the bride and the rest of relatives coming all over the places to attend the wedding—-you should at least least include one group photos in your album
Beatrice from Boston (aunt)

Hi, Thanks so much for your comment.

Usually I don’t post too many family photos on the blog, I try to focus more on the bride and groom as well as the details of the wedding, this is meant more as a sneak peek for the couple.

More photos are always posted in the password protected online gallery for friends and family to enjoy.

Beautiful blog post. Great wedding to be a part of 🙂