Our First Date Anniversary

Wow, how time flies. It’s been a decade and a half, FIFTEEN years since our first date. Wow.

I love you, I love you more today, than ever. I think back to that snowy February night in 2003, and trekking it to the pub to meet you for a drink and a game of pool. I remember saying hello and giving you a big hug, which you were not expecting. I love how our conversation flowed that night. Everything from work, to school, travel, food and all the bits in between. Thinking back, I remember how you let me win at pool, and how I got mad at you for letting me win. And at the end of the night, the good-bye hug felt so comfortable. I was so wishing you’d call me. I hope you had a great time, just as I did.

You are amazing, in every way. My biggest cheer leader. Bestest friend. The silliest person, who is always so happy to play along with my crazy ideas. My house reno design idea builder. Burst pipe mender. Best kitty pappa. And every little and big thing, in between.

I know I’m a fast talker. But I also know that trying to describe into words, everything you are to me, that’s an impossible feat.
I so have enjoyed every one of our adventures. I always tell my couples, ‘I believe in love’, the all consuming, fantastic, all in, kinda love.
That’s all because of you. You have made me into the hopeless romantic I am. Into the photographer who sheds tears during first looks behind her camera. I’m a total love cheer leader, all because of you.

Every single day, I am so thankful for that snowy night. For our paths crossing, and for this crazy, awesome life we have built together.

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