My name is Margaret Diotalevi, I’m a Toronto wedding photographer + graphic designer and the owner of Avenue Photo.
With images, I tell stories.
Our work is fresh + modern, clean and timeless! I am one lucky girl to get to do what I do. I love, love, LOVE my clients…they are the sweetest, kindest, warm-hearted people and I am so glad they invite us into their lives.
In the past few years Avenue Photo has expanded by welcoming an Associate Photographer – Adam.
Adam is a total package…a talented photographer with a fresh creative eye…he is the sweetest guy you will meet and has a personality that is so easy going, you’ll feel as if you’ve known him forever…plus he’s easy on the eyes, your wedding party will love him!
We look forward to another fabulous season.

Margaret Headshot


My name is Adam Coish and I am the proud associate photographer for Avenue Photo.
I’ve been living in Toronto for over 10 years now but I am originally from Labrador City, Newfoundland & Labrador.
My work ethic and personable skills derive from growing up in a small northern community and after a day of being around me, you’ll be saying, “Yes by” and “How’s it goin’ my love” like the rest of us Newfies, ha.
For the past 8 years, Margaret and I have been working side by side to develop an aesthetic that embodies our main aspiration of capturing your wedding day to its fullest. My attention to detail and confidence in both candid and posed images is what I believe makes me a successful wedding photographer.

See more of my work HERE.

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How would you describe your style?

We love weddings! Love them! We love that each couple and each love story is completely unique. We love capturing the candid moments that make your wedding story unique. For the portraits, we try to capture the love an energy between you two! With a bit of direction, the photos are naturally posed, modern, elegant, fun and romantic. Your wedding and your story will make for beautiful photos. Trust us!

What do you love about weddings?

We love love! It's that simple. We believe in it, wholeheartedly.
We love weddings, because truly, how many times in our lifetime do we get to be surrounded by a hand selected group of people. The people you chose yourself, to celebrate with you and to support you. It's pretty awesome!