Emma is a seasoned veteran when it comes to the workshops with my class…She was one of our gorgeous models for a session last year and this time around Dale was able to join us…which was the cherry on top!

Emma and Dale have an indescribable type of energy, they worship each other…you can tell by the way they catch each others eyes, by how they touch…and by the smile that never leaves their face…they got married last year…and I am so glad they are always excited to come out and model for my class.

If I could describe it…Id’ say they have a movie type of love…

Let me know what you think…


It is so nice to see Emma here again. She is such a natural model. Through your photos I can see the chemistry between Emma and her husband.

[…] + Thane joined us through Emma + Dale [thanks guys], and when I initially began shooting, I thought they had an incredible intensity […]