This is the story of Katie and Ian. Ian was actually the one to contact me regarding the shoot…this is what he had to say:

‘Katie and I have been dating for over 10 years, since we were teenagers. I met her at a dance, she was serving punch at a make-shift ‘bar’ for the students, I was there having been won by another girl in a bachelor auction. I asked her to dance and we did, once only, and then did not speak again for a month or more. Prom time came around and I heard from a friend that she wanted me to ask her, so I did. We started dating afterward and dated all through university, despite going to different schools. We hit a few bumps, but always came back to the fact that we make each other very happy. After school, we moved in together in Toronto and have grown ever closer since. She is a dietitian at a community health center, I am in ad sales for Rogers, and we own an adorable rabbit named Bunsen who hops around our apartment like a cat (fully toilet trained).

This past Christmas, I knew it was time. I bought a ring in December, waited til Christmas morning with my family and popped the question on an intimate post-breakfast, winter walk. I pretended to slip on some ice and went down on one knee. She was so shocked it took her a few minutes to reply (much to my dismay at the time as I was initially pretty confident of the answer). Our families were thrilled and it really made this Christmas all the more magical. I am also thrilled to be spending the rest of my life with such a beautiful, caring, brilliant woman.

That’s the brief story of Katie and Ian.’

Ian, thanks so much for getting in touch with me…you and Katie were a pleasure to shoot.