How time flies – 9 years!

Oh my we are spring chicken in this photo. NINE YEARS…nine years…since we celebrated our wedding with our family and friends. How is it already nine years?!? I feel like I have known you my whole life, and even longer, and yet everything with you is as fresh as if we had met only yesterday. It’s amazing how these years have flown by, and even more amazing how lucky I am to have found my kindred spirit so early on. You are my absolute everything…truly. Pancakes taste better with you, champagne is bubblier. Exploring the world and adventuring together makes my heart burst with so much happiness.
Every couple I photograph, I wish them what we have. Love through everything, the little and big hurdles, the giggles and the make your cheeks and belly hurt laughter. The taking in all of the small moments, that make up big memories, the loving each other, and supporting each other, and challenging each other, always.
You are my forever.

[Photo by 5ive15ifteen]