I’m always encouraging my clients to print their images. I think it’s super important to get the images from their digital format, from where they live on our phone or hard drives or clouds, and print photos. It’s so rare these days to flip through a photos album, everything is viewed on a screen…and as much as we can back up the media our memories live on, it will eventually disappear. So PRINT YOUR PHOTOS!

I love looking through the thousands of family photos at my parents house, each time ‘borrowing’ a print or two. I love them, the way they feel, the way they smell and the memories they keep. The negatives they were printed from no longer exist, but the prints are so so precious. The ones of my grandpa and grandma building their home, the ones of my mom on the many trips she took, and when my dad came along, and then when my brother and I came along, our first smiles, steps and everything in between. I love them, I love these printed, documented, tangible memories.

Here is a sample of the gorgeous guest books I offer my clients, a perfect way to print your engagement photos, and with just enough space for your guests to not only sign their names, but wish you all the love in the world or offer a word or two of wisdom.

We had one of these for our wedding, and we still look through it, taken back to our wedding day and all of the sweet [and sometimes totally funny] words our dearest family and friends wanted to share with us.