Rob proposed to Tanya in Mexico on the beach, perfect…but what made this moment even more special is that a stranger saw the proposal taking place and having his camera handy documented the entire thing… later sharing the photos with the newly engaged couple.

There is something to be said about subtle, unspoken balance; where two people compliment each other just so. Tanya + Rob are a perfect example of that, and I was honoured they chose Avenue to capture their day.

Balance aside, Tanya and Rob are hilariously funny,warm hearted and head over heels in love. Their wedding party was awesome; from the getting ready, to the ceremony [with fly away veil catching + and some hilarious comments from Rob], to some completely ridiculous wedding party photos, all the way though to the touching speeches…John and I had so much fun capturing all of it.

I loved the little tid bits of their day, like the way Rob kissed Tanya’s hands as they exchanged vows, to the love letters they exchanged [to be read on their anniversary], to the wishes Tanya’s grandpa sent to be read during the evening filled with words so sweet, everyone was in tears, and even the part when during the Bride + Groom speech Rob got so caught up in the moment and spilled wine [red] on Tanya’s dress…and the time spent in the ladies room trying to get out the stain.

Tanya’s dad’s speech was just so perfect, he told the story of how Tanya’s mom gave him a card for his birthday with little booties on it announcing that they were expecting, to him that moment was priceless; and today, the day he walked his daughter down the aisle…that was priceless.

I think every wedding is full of moments and tid bits that make up memories we cherish and remember and I love that my job is to capture that.

Thank you to John for being a fantastic second shooter.

Congratulations Tanya + Rob!

I’d love to hear what you think…so say hello and leave a comment!


brilliant work! Well done 🙂 Great looking wedding

The pictures on your site were wonderful and I cant wait to see the rest. You were so discreet we were not aware you were taking pictures. One of my sisters said the photo of the back of Rob and Tanya walking away would be a good ad for Toronto.

Thank you so much John and Margaret. Our photos are wonderful. I am so happy we have these to remember our day. Can’t wait to see the rest 🙂