I write this as I hear you extending the length of the cable of the pendant for the kitchen island, another one of the house projects that I changed my mind on…’I think the light is too high, Sweety’ I said as soon as it went up.  I know I tell you all the time you are my best-est everything, but I so mean it, every cheesy word of that made up phrase. Over the past six and eight years of marriage, we’ve made up our own way of talking, of being complete nuts together and two peas in a pod. You have been my constant through everything…through business ideas, cooking experiments, gardening aspiration and any adventures…we take it all on together.

Thank you a million times for being you, for somehow making your way into my world, and wanting to spend your life with me. I love you.
Happy six year wedding anniversary!

[Us on Emerald Lake, CA…being total cheese balls…you look like you won a race…I still have no idea what my paddle is doing in front of me]