He is the person that I wake up to every morning…my favourite in the whole wide world…my rock, and my laughter…it’s my husband, and partner in crime -Yancy.

I really never thought I would find anyone that compliments me so so much, and who shares the same dreams and wishes as I. We really do fit perfectly…from the complete unspoken rule of ‘I’ll cook, and you do the dishes’, to the best-est weekends of planting spring bulbs in our garden, and going to the pumpkin patch and picking out the pumpkins that will best match our house…he really is the best husband any girl could ask for…and I’m so thankful that 34 years ago [sorry baby] he was born…because I cannot imagine a better taster-tester of my cooking experiments, and a more acute sounding board of all things life + business related…

Happy Birthday Sweety! xxoo